Horn set, 0 986 AH0 203

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  • Product informations


    Horns are required in every vehicle. Particularly in hazardous situations, they make it possible for the driver to warn other drivers. The offered horns are manufactured using a historical design which includes slotted screws and a chrome-plated cover.

    The visuals hardly differ from the original horns from the 1950s and 60s.

    Customer benefit

    • pervasive acoustic signal with long range
    • design differs only slightly from the original horns
  • Technical Data
    Description Value
    Part number, set 0 986 AH0 203
    Set contains 0 986 AH0 201
    0 986 AH0 202
    Volume at 2 m 110 db (A)
    Diameter 156 mm
    Frequency range 325 / 400 Hz
    Power drain 50 W
    Rated Voltage 12 V
    Installation position Vertical
    No. of connections 2
    Surface black housing
    chromium-plated grill
    EMC protection yes
    Rated current 4,0 A
    Mounting bracket 180°
    Weight 1,19 kg
    Mounting hole 8,5
    Width (unpacked) 91 mm
    Height (unpacked) 166 mm
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