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  • Product information

    Product information

    During the startup phase, the auxiliary air device provides additional air so that, together with the additionally supplied fuel, the greater friction of the cold engine can be overcome.

    An aperture in the auxiliary air device controls the amount of air that flows through. It is installed on the engine to absorb its heat. It is also electrically heated to track with the engine characteristic. The hotter the engine, the less additional air is provided.

    The auxiliary air device is therefore a functional component of the fuel injection system.


    Customer benefits

    • reliable start with cold engine
  • Part numbers

    Bosch part numbers

    Bosch part number Replacement number
    0 280 140 145 F 026 T03 050 ¹
    0 280 140 146 F 026 T03 050 ¹
    0 280 140 164 F 026 T03 051 ¹
    0 280 140 165 F 026 T03 051 ¹
      ¹ no longer available

    External numbers

    Vehicle make External number Bosch part number
    VW (Volkswagen) 049 133 453 F 026 T03 050 ¹
    VW (Volkswagen) 049 133 453 E F 026 T03 051 ¹
        ¹ no longer available

    Vehicle usage

    The vehicle usage lists can be found in the tab "Downloads"

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