Pull switch

Marginal Column
  • Product information
    Bosch part number Variant
    0 340 006 012 push-pull switch
    on-off switch (no contact)
    1 987 302 208 bulb (shape W): 12 V / 1.2 W
    1 987 302 504 bulb (shape W): 24 V / 1.2 W
    Technical data Value
    Usage for fog-warning lamp
    Fastening with knurled nut M 12 x 1
    Fitting Ø 12.5 mm
    wall thickness up to 6 mm
    Connection blade or screw terminal
    Switching capacity 100 W / 24 V
    Circuit diagram Circuit diagram
    • with safety knob, black, made of soft PVC
    • with indicator lamp
    • green lens fitted, red and yellow lens enclosed
    • 12 V bulb fitted
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