Glow-plug and starting switch

Marginal Column
  • Product information
    Bosch part numbers Variant
    0 343 401 001 galvanized steel housing and switch lever
    1 343 300 002 octagon nut
    3 340 102 000 washer
    Technical data Value
    Fastening with pickled aluminum octagon nut
    Fitting Ø 26,5 mm with cutout (twist-proof)
    Wall thickness up to 2 mm
    Connection screw terminals
    Switching capacity 12 A / 12 V, terminal 50a (for 2 min)
    9 A / 24 V, terminal 50a (for 2 min)
    100 A / 24 V, terminal17, 19 (for 2 min)
    Circuit diagram Circuit diagram
    • switch handle must be held in position 1 and 2, it return automatically to position 0
    • switch handle cannot be removed
    0 Aus
    1 Vorglühen
    2 Starten
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