• New classic product broschure
    New classic product broschure

    New classic product broschure

    The new product brochure of Bosch Classic shows a complete overview of the Bosch spare parts and the repair services offered for classic and youngclassic vehicles- from the engine, body, chassis to service parts. Furthermore it explains the navigation on the Bosch Classic Technical Archive, in which you can find equipment lists and original documentation on products among others.

    Through this brochure, Bosch Classic shows just how much the traditional company still does today in order to keep the historic vehicles in the future on the road.

  • A logo with a long history

    A logo with a long history

    The name Bosch Classic appears with the so-called "brush font" and it reminds of the long company history of the Bosch Group. The lettering was used for the first time in 1921 when the company introduced the new trademark "armature in a circle" and the new word mark "ROBERT BOSCH" for the labeling of all products.

  • Part of your life. Part of you.

    Part of your life. Part of you.

    The goal of Bosch Classic? To offer as many products and services as possible so that you can enjoy driving your classic car even longer. A classic car off the road is our challenge.

  • Bosch Boxberg Klassik
    Bosch Boxberg Klassik

    The date for the anniversary rally 2019 is fixed!

    The 20th Bosch Boxberg Klassik rally will start from 28th to 30th June 2019. Participants expect many special highlights and fantastic routes.

    The first Bosch Boxberg Klassik took place in 2000 - at that time as a company-internal event. Since 2007, Bosch Classic has been organizing the successful classic car rally together with the founders, the Bosch Oldtimer Schrauber e.V.

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Products Products Products


Many ways to find the right replacement part

Events Events Events


Thrilling the hearts of classic car enthusiasts

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Technical archive Technical archive Technical archive

Technical archive

Comprehensive information on modern classics and vintage vehicles and the Bosch products installed in them

Journey through time Journey through time Journey through time

Journey through time

Find out more about the life history of the company's founder Robert Bosch, discover milestones and much more!

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Services Services Services


Do it yourself – or need need someone to do it for you? We have the right service for everyone

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Bosch Classic. Part of your life. Part of you.


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