If you have any questions, suggestions or problems regarding historical Bosch Automotive products or systems, that you cannot answer yourself in technical archive, feel free to contact us:


Robert Bosch GmbH

Bosch Classic (AA-TR/ATR)

Auf der Breit 4

76227 Karlsruhe



Tel.: +49 721 942-1660

Fax: +49 711 811 507-1660



If you are searching for a replacement part, the Bosch Service Centers and the Classics divisions of the vehicle manufacturers will be glad to assist you.

Fritz Cirener, Bosch Classic

Fritz Cirener on his division’s exciting development.

Why the name change?

Our new look with the historical brush stroke just makes it clear that we work for cars that have been running for a long time.

What exactly does Bosch Classic do?

Bosch Classic stands for the principle that the future needs a past. We combine technical innovation with social skills and the tradition of the Bosch brand. We see ourselves as a service provider for anyone interested in old cars, for people who spend many, many hours trying to put them back on the road. Our aim is to offer the highest possible number of parts to make sure that vintage cars keep running. At Bosch Classic, we sum our work as follows: “Part of your life – part of you.”

Why does Bosch put so much energy into a relatively small club?

It is certainly not a small club. Interest in the technology of yesteryear is huge. We at Bosch share this passion, because it is also a part of our company’s history. You can only know where you’re going if you also know where you’re from.

Could you be described as something like Bosch’s leftovers?

(laughter) No, we’re rather the final hope for friends of older vehicles. We keep many parts in stock to make sure that even very old vehicles can keep running. And that’s not all: we even produce many products especially for vintage vehicles. To do this, we get machinery and equipment for products that have been discontinued so that we can keep producing them.

What do you have on offer?

We currently offer thousands of different parts for classic and vintage vehicles. This includes everything from the spark plug to starters and engine management systems. And the number of parts we offer is constantly growing. In some cases, we even reproduce specific parts in very small numbers. Or we even develop new products.

Can you name a few examples?

Our “black battery” is a good example. It bothered purists that they could only get batteries with modern casing. This is why we reproduced the classic “black battery”. On the inside, the battery meets current environmental and technical standards. We now also offer a small series of trim panels for the Porsche 911.

What is special about your team?

I’d say it’s our passion for technology and old vehicles. A car that isn’t running is a challenge for us. So we do everything we can to offer replacement parts at an affordable price. In so doing, we are close to the customer, for instance at the Bosch Boxberg Classic event or the Mille Miglia. In brief: our team is crazy about technology.


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