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Product overview

Range of spare parts for classic vehicles

Bosch features a wide range of spare parts for classic and modern-era classic cars. Some older components are still on stock, some are still produced and for some there are substitutes. In addition and in the context of so-called reengineering projects, some parts are also reproduced maintaining their historical design, but equipping them with modern technologies. In this way, future repairability and spare parts supply are ensured.

Vehicle and product search

Vehicle and product search

A vehicle and product search will help you accessing spare parts and information for your classic vehicle.

How to order

How to order spare parts for your classic vehicle

Did you find the matching spare part? We’ll show you how to get it as soon as possible.

Workshop equipment

Historic workshop equipment

Misplaced and often not found again: the operating instructions of the historical Bosch testers. This comprehensive archive gives you the opportunity to look into the manual again.

Historic Merchandise

Historic Merchandise

Finally, iconic Bosch historic promotional items are available online.



Here you will find information on recycling in accordance with the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG). This information applies for Germany.

Do you have any questions? Just contact the Bosch Classic hotline.

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