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Bosch Electronic Service

Value-based repair of electronic vehicle components

Bosch offers a first-class replacement and repair service for electronic vehicle components. As a value-based solution, defective classic devices such as e.g. engine, ignition or injection control units and radios of older vehicles are repaired or replaced.

The Bosch Electronic Service technicians boast a wealth and depth of many years of experience in reconditioning vehicle electronics. Even in case of remanufactured control units, they make sure to reestablish high OE quality.

Bosch Electronic Service
Your advantages with Bosch Electronic Service
  1. For its repair and maintenance activities, Bosch Electronic Service relies on test equipment and data Bosch developed according to the manufacturer specifications. Test towers are used to simulate everyday situations – such as varying temperatures and loads, for instance – the respective device has to cope with. In this manner, the device is subject to a complete in-depth test. Often, replacement parts can be offered in case a classic component cannot be repaired. Only genuine or Bosch-approved parts are used at the reconditioning process. The warranty applies to the complete device not only to the fault removed at the flat-rate repair or replacement.

Do you have any questions? Just contact the Bosch Classic hotline.

Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.